Realstar Dry Cleaning Machines

Realstar Dry Cleaning Machines are available in many configurations and to suit every solvent currently in use, including:

Perchlorethylene, Hydrocarbon, K4, Silicone Solvents and Sensene (the NEW alternative to Perc!)

Quality Italian made Machines, Realstar are at the forefront of dry cleaning machinery technology.

Additionally, these dry cleaning machines are easy to operate with advanced computer control or with full manual bypass when required.

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Standard Features of Realstar Dry Cleaning Machines Include:

• Floor guard, Solvent safety tray
• Air-operated interlocks and micro-switches on all doors
• Water safety valve
• INVERTER on the main motor
• Sound-proofing cover for the fridge unit
• Closed circuit system with heat pump
• Continuous or temporary distillation
• Automatic button trap drying system
• Large double air lint filter
• Automatic still wall washing system
• Still inspection light
• Choice of solvent filtration systems available
• Automatic electronic drying thermostat
• ELECTRIC or STEAM heating
• Still with pressurised water system

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