Milnor Large Industrial Washer Extractors 125kg-330kg

Large Capacity Milnor Washer extractors are ideal for the High demands of Commercial Laundries.

Available in a wide range of capacities and various configurations:

  • Open Pocket or divided pocket
  • Hard or soft mount high speed
  • Tilting and fully automated systems
  • Staph-Guard (barrier style)
  • Various control and networking options
  • Water re-cycling & reuse


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Milnor’s Range of Large Washer Extractors include open pocket and divided pocket machines.

  • Open Pocket Models:
    48040 – 125kg
    68036 – 180-230kg
    72046 – 270-320kg
    All Available with Tilting Options


  • Divided Pocket Models:
    42044 – 100kg
    60044 – 220kg
    72044 – 330kg
    Divided Pocket machines are also available in Staph-Guard (Barrier) Models
  • Suspended frame allows for above-ground level installation
  • Tapered roller bearings are aligned in a rigid housing (ensures proper basket alignment)
  • Model designs have been tested in an out-of-balance state for over 1,000 hours at maximum-extraction speed
  • Superior wash cylinder design yields greater mechanical action (reduces rewashes for prolonged linen life)
  • Precise and easy-to-use controls
  • Large door openings for easier loading and unloading
  • Single Motor inverter drive, large water inlets and drain outlets are also standard
  • 5/3 Warranty Plan

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