Ironers & Folders

Ironers & Folders

As with washers and dryers, the options and capacities of ironing



Ironers & Folders


As with washers and dryers, the options and capacities of ironing & folding equipment are wide ranging. We suggest contacting us about your requirements for commercial ironing and folding equipment. We will tailor a solution to suit your requirements and budget.


For small to medium Ironing and folding options, Ipso has a model to suit almost any size and budget.


In the large capacity, high production arena you can’t ignore the performance, efficiency, reliability and pedigree of Lapauw Ironing Equipment and HJ Weir Feeding & Folding equipment.


  • The Ipso range of ironers and combination ironer/folders are ideal for small to medium on-premise laundries such as Hotels, Motels & Aged Care Facilities. Many low to medium volume commercial laundries also benefit from Ipso Ironing Equipment. The Ipso Range includes:


  • i20 & i30 Electrically Heated Rollers in capacities up to 79kg/hr



  • FCi Range in diameters of 320, 500 & 800mm with a range of working widths up to 3.2m. Pass through or return to feed options. Various Heating options, Electric, Gas, Steam or hot oil.



Large, High Speed Ironing & Folding Systems:

  • Lapauw Ironers are well known for providing a quality finish and being at the forefront of design and innovation. Efficiency, while maintaining productivity and quality, is what drives Lapauw to invest heavily in R&D.

Models and options vary greatly so please contact us to discuss your high volume ironing requirements.
Lapauw 1200


  • HJ Weir Technology has provided the laundry industry with many innovations to save time and labour. Weir practically invented flatwork handling equipment some 55 years ago and their range includes extremely popular models, such as:
    • Autoprep: Separating equipment, essential for saving labour and improving occ. Health & saftey
    • Vacfeed Low Line: High Speed Automated Feeding
    • Foldmaker 35 & 55: High Speed folding and stacking of ironed and non-ironed flatwork
    • Foldmaker 64/12: High Speed and precise folding of small pieces in multiple lanes
    • Foldmaker 66: Automated Towel and small piece folding

When you need to process medium to large volumes of sheets, towels, pillow cases, table linen, Doona Covers etc, Weir has the range to solve your processing problems. Many machines pay for themselves in a very short period, with the savings made, so please call Veeco to discuss how some Weir automation can help you.


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