Ipso IH Small Barrier Washers 18kg-28kg Range

Hygienic Barrier Washers are an ideal solution when an absolute separation between soiled and clean linen is required,

Ipso manufacture an extensive range of Barrier Models, from 18kg to 180kg capacities.

The IH range includes capacities of 18kg, 24kg and 28kg

Optional Electric Heating is available as well as our Envirosaver ozone disinfection systems

Hospital & healthcare environments are faced with an increasing threat of microbiological contaminations, the so called ‘hospital acquired infections’ (HAI). These environments all count numerous places where the risk of transmitting microbiological contamination is high. The interrelation of these places simplifies the spread of bacteria. This risk also affects the laundry process. Bacteria coming from soiled linen through air, hands or human contact during improper handling or processing of laundry are an important cause of infection. Therefore, hospital & health care environments need to take preventive measures in order to avoid microbiological contamination in the laundry process.

The IH-range of barrier washer extractors offers a solution for this threat as it considerably reduces the risk of recontamination or cross contamination thanks to its ‘dual door’ design. The barrier washer extractors are built ‘in’ a physical wall separating the loading & unloading side. This set-up ensures an optimal sanitation and avoids contact between clean, disinfected laundry & soiled, contaminated linen.


  • Freestanding, high spin
  • Complete stainless steel cabinet
  • Stainless steel drum and tub
  • Aries Elite – fully programmable
  • Patented soap hopper
  • Large drain valve (Ø76mm)
  • Easy access to all important parts from all sides
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Automatic door positioning
  • Liquid soap connection


Reduce water, energy, and detergent costs
Enhance linen and fabric softness
Extend the life of your linens
Save time and minimise labour costs
Increase your productivity
Reduce your carbon footprint

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