Ipso 26kg Tumble Dryer (Ipso DR50)

The Ipso DR50 has a load capacity of 26 kg. 

Both Coin operated or Non-Coin (OPL) options are possible with the DR50

The DR50 is Fast, Efficient and is equipped with flexible controls that are easy to use.

Gas, Steam and Electric heating systems are all available in the Ipso DR50

Reliability and durability are also a hallmark of this USA made dryer.

Ipso DR50 Tumble Dryer, Available with Gas, Steam or Electric Heating, 26kg Capacity


  • 528 Litre Drum
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Extra strong hinge and reversible door
  • Quiet and energy efficient motors
  • Reversing Drum
  • Large lint filter
    • Easy removal of lint
    • Efficient drying
    • Self cleaning filter
  • Radial airflow
    • Drum perforations over the entire surface
    • High production
    • Pulley drive system
  • Efficient and easy to use control
    • Temperature can be freely programmed per degree
    • Drying and cool-down times are easily programmable

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