Ipso 17kg Tumble Dryer (Ipso DR35)

Ipso 17kg Tumble Dryer

Available with Gas, Steam or Electric Heating.

Versatile Control options with Coin or Non-Coin Operation

Efficient operation and ergonomic design

USA Made

Ipso DR35 Tumble Dryer, Gas, Steam or Electric Heating, 17kg Capacity

Also Available in Coin Operation


  • 347 Litre Drum
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Quiet and energy efficient motors
  • Extra strong hinge and reversible door
  • Economical and efficient Heating Systems
  • Unique drum supporting system
    • at the rear: bearing
    • at the front: rubber rolls with bearing
  • Large lint filter
    • easy removal of lint
    • efficient drying
    • self cleaning filter
  • Axial airflow
    • drum perforations only at the front and back
    • maximum airflow, less energy consumption and short drying time
  • Efficient and easy to use control
    • easy to use and flexible microprocessor control
    • temperature can be freely programmed per degree, drying and cool-down times are easily programmable

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