Veeco’s beginnings go back to 1976 when the founder and current Managing Director Bill van der Leest joined Hardie Trading, then the Trading division of the James Hardie Group. As the manufacturer of Horscroft Laundry & Drycleaning equipment, Hardie Trading was the last remaining Australian manufacturer of equipment for both the sectors.

Veeco was formed in 1994 and along with son Matthew the company has maintained the same quality of service and support for the same equipment; in many cases from the same manufacturers.

We continue to support equipment that was supplied as far back as the 60s with spare parts and service, as well as offering to our customers the very latest in modern technology.

As an independent family owned company Veeco has the advantage of selecting the best equipment to offer our customers with a strong focus on innovation, quality and reliability. Unlike our major competitors we are not tied to one particular brand and where possible we look for the best solution to meet our customer’s needs.

Our location in West Australia puts us in the advantageous position of always being able to offer service advice and parts 2 or 3 hours (depending on daylight saving) after the rest of Australia has left the office for the day.

As distributors for industry leading manufacturers such as Milnor, Ipso, Weir, Lapauw, we are committed to providing unparalleled quality, in not only the products we supply, but also the service and support we provide.

Vital service and support would not be possible without a great Sales + Service team and our experienced technicians carry out initial installations and continue thereafter to care for the service and maintenance. Parts are locally available from our locally available comprehensive stocks which are a resource for anywhere in Australia via an overnight (capital city) airbag delivery service.

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